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Mid-Week Music: The Gummy Bear Phenomenon

Have you seen this Gummy Bear song/video on YouTube?  This thing has millions upon millions of views.  The gummy bear (the candy, that is) originated in Germany, as does the Gummy Bear song.  The song was written by German composer Christian Schneider and released by Gummybear International. The song has since been released in at least twenty five languages and has spread worldwide.

I don’t think I wanted to like this song.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  But it’s completely infectious.  I find myself singing it often.  But forget me.  Anjali loves it and is mesmerized by it.

Check Out The Gummy Bear CD...

And the Gummy Bear DVD

We very rarely show her videos or TV.  Perhaps that’s even more reason for her to be attracted to it.  But she smiles, dances, points to the screen and talks to it.

Here is the video:

…Why do we get to see the bear’s butt crack?

We eventually had to download the song to add to Anjali’s birthday playlist on our IPod. In fact, there is a whole Gummy Bear Album called I Am Your Gummy Bear, as well as a Gummy Bear DVD called Gummibär: I Am Gummy Bear which came out in 2009.

Check Out The Gummy Bear CD...

And the Gummy Bear DVD

Here are the lyrics for the Gummi Bear song.

Learn basic piano chords here.